Property Development Finance

Vision Finance is a leading structurer, arranger and advisor of property development finance, covering senior development finance, stretched senior finance, and mezzanine finance. We work with property developers across the UK, ensuring they receive the finance they require for their projects.

In today’s credit markets, developers face unique challenges finding the right lender and having the resources necessary to close a successful deal. It is now more important than ever that you engage an advisor who understands the current lending climate and is wholly focussed on achieving the best financing structure and terms for their clients.

We act as a trusted advisor for our clients, not just during the transaction, but on an on-going basis. We provide borrowers with independent advice focused on what’s best for them. Our understanding of the UK market, coupled with close relationships with the most relevant and active lenders, enables us to efficiently advise our clients, and source the most appropriate financing solutions. Our full advisory service means that we offer much more than simply making introductions to lenders. Once a lending facility has been agreed, we continue to work alongside all professionals (including lawyers on both sides, valuers, surveyors, and accountants) and will steer the deal through to legal completion.

Lending Criteria

Development finance is a specialist loan product aimed at property developers which require finance to acquire (or refinance) a site, and additionally fund 100% of the build costs. Development finance is suitable for a variety of uses, from heavy refurbishments, conversions, to multi-unit ground up new build projects. Development loans can be made to an individual or a company, including overseas entities.

Property development loans and refurbishment finance generally run for a period between 6 months to 2 years, and we work with a variety of lenders willing to lend from £500,000 up to £25 million.

Typically we see senior lenders funding up to 60% of the GDV, which often equates to approximately 70% of the total costs involved in the project. The developer would then be required to fund approximately 30% of total costs as equity. Alternatively, developers can raise “stretched senior” or mezzanine finance. In these cases developers are able to borrow up to 90% of the total project costs, resulting in an equity requirement of just 10% of total costs.

Our advisors have specialist knowledge in arranging finance for a variety of property development projects – be it a new-build construction or converting/refurbishing existing properties - we have the resources to help you.

Uses for Development Finance

  • New build development – Once planning consent for the scheme has been obtained, the developer may raise finance to acquire the site (or refinance the existing loan used to acquire the site) and additionally raise finance for 100% of the build costs. (If planning permission has not yet been granted, Bridging Finance may be suitable).
  • Property refurbishment – Property developers may wish to renovate a property and subsequently sell or refinance. We work with clients performing complex structural works, as well as light refurbishment. We are able to arrange finance allowing the developer to acquire the site and subsequently fund the refurbishment costs.

The experience, background, and financial position of the developer is crucial to securing finance at attractive rates and GDV percentages. Understandably, lenders are keen to support successful developers with a proven track record. Vision Finance will assist developers to attractively position the case for finance before speaking to lenders. This will include the key details relating to the current case, while emphasising past successful property transactions.

For more information relating to either new build development finance, refurbishment finance, or to discuss a specific project, please call us today on 0207 206 2500 or send an email to